Presented at FOSS4G North America, St Louis, MO — May 14-16, 2018

Abstract and Description

Offline Maps for Mobile - Making Maps That Are Mobile First

𝘦π Maps are designed with mobile in mind from the beginning. “Mobile First” means that all map data is embedded in the app and the customer’s experience is great once they download the app. “Mobile First” also means that the map data is presented without a server; truly serverless maps. If the application is backcountry hiking or search and rescue, then the customer is ready to “go well prepared.”

We build our maps using Authoritative Trails data from the US Forest Service and US Geologic Survey. We take care to use shaded relief and 40 foot contours from the USGS. We also adhere to the National Park Service iconography for a consistent experience.

We use FOSS4G software such as GDAL, QGIS, and several command line tools from Mapbox, such as tippecanoe. We will discuss our map pipeline of the raster and vector tiles that we hand build. We will also discuss some of the image compression and data reduction techniques that we use to fit the entire map into a mobile app.


Talk for the National Trails System GIS Network